English camp Hambanthota 2009

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Learn English online with the help of this free website from the British Council with games, stories, listening activities and grammar exercises. You can search for your favourites, or have a look at the site map to find out where everything is.

You will find lots of new listening activities and video content in Listen & Watch.  We also have a new Grammar section and new IELTS exampractice materials. We are currently moving content over to our Business & Work section from our sister site LearnEnglish Professionals.

You can contact us if you have a question or want to report any problems. Become a memberand you can add comments to the site and ask questions to get help with your English. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.

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ESL Gold Resources

ESLgold.com gives you the opportunity to practice your English language skills in many ways. If you’re a beginner, you can start by checking out our vocabulary pages, where you can see, hear, and saynew words in English. If you need some help with grammar, listening, or reading, you can look through hundreds of pages of explanations, examples, and exercises or browse through the quiz links section. If you want some conversation practice, you can find a study buddy, tutor, or teacher in our speaking partner program.

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ESL Learning for Traveling Students

English Club Resources

Welcome to English Club online, helping you learn English or teach English. You’ll find everything from lessons for learners to jobs for teachers, including fun pages like games, quizzes and chat – all free!

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5-minute English resources

In our ever-shrinking world, where everyone can now converse with, well everyone else, learning English is important today more than ever before.

It is imperative to learn English as it is the predominant language spoken more than any other in the entire world and even some areas of the world require the need to learn the English language just to be able to talk to the locals.

Learning of English language is, one of the hardest, if not the hardest, language to learn. But once you do, you will be able to expand your horizons like never before.

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Use an in place of a when it precedes a vowel sound, not just a vowel. That means it’s “an honor” (the h is silent), but “a UFO” (because it’s pronounced yoo eff oh).

Business English Pod :: Learn Business English Online | Business English Pod provides MP3 ESL podcast lessons and online English training for intermediate and advanced business English learners. Each Business English podcast lesson features realistic training dialogs demonstrating different skills

A 100s 360 degrees a / an A.D. ala AM / PM abject able to about absorbtion abstruse / obtuse academia acapella, a capella accede/exceed accent marks access accessory accept / except accidently accurate / precise acronyms and apostrophes across actionable/doable act

As a simple test, try removing Xena from the sentence. You wouldn’t say “Me is going to Athens.” You’d say “I am going,” so say “Xena and I are going.” You wouldn’t say “This horse belongs to I,” you’d say “This horse belongs to me,” so say “This horse belongs to Xena and me.”

If you want to craft an error-free message that reflects your professionalism, be on the lookout for these common grammatical slip-ups.

More people visit Dictionary.com yearly than go to the movies. Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com and Reference.com provide accurate and exhaustive definitions, synonyms, examples, pronunciations, translations, and more for millions of words. We create innovative and timely products to facilitate learning and intellectual growth, such as the Word of the Day which is enjoyed by 1 million people every day.
Recommended Reading

The Call of the Wild -Jack London

Candide -Voltaire

Don Quixote -Miguel de Cervantes

The Faerie Queene- Edmund Spenser

Faust -Johann von Goethe

Frankenstein -Mary Shelley

Gulliver’s Travels -Jonathan Swift

The Iliad -Homer

Infinite Jest -David Foster Wallace

Jude the Obscure -Thomas Hardy

The Mysterious Island -Jules Verne

Oedipus Rex -Sophocles

Persuasion -Jane Austen

The Republic -Plato

A Tale of Two Cities -Charles Dickens

Twelfth Night -William Shakespeare

Uncle Tom’s Cabin -Harriet Beecher Stowe

Watership Down -Richard Adams

Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte

Hamlet- William Shakespeare

Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen

Wuthering Heights -Emily Brontë

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer -Mark Twain

Much Ado About Nothing -William Shakespeare

The Canterbury Tales -Geoffrey Chaucer

Romeo and Juliet -William Shakespeare

War and Peace -Leo Tolstoy

 The Pilgrim’s Progress- John Bunyan

Oliver Twist- Charles Dickens

The Hound of the Baskervilles –Arthur Conan Doyle

The Three Musketeers- Alexandre Dumas

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Sri Lankan English-SLE

Upper class and Non-Upper class English examples

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