6a2e02_182e926592dd4e7d910bd71efbf11ecf_mv2His vision is to empower people to maximize their potential and lead optimal lives.

Global Legal Advisor Vaamaa Forex of the US Financial Conglomerate The Pintus Group USA. He is an Academic Committee Member of EDU Brussels accredited to European Parliament.

Prof. Lakshman Madurasinghe is a Lawyer with postgraduate studies, research and teaching experience in International Law, Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Theology, CBT, Integrative Medicine, Business strategy. He is also a Behavioural Scientist: Educationist: Thought Leader & Global Strategist: Author of four books including Clinical Psychology, Buddhism & Christianity.   


He heads the Legal and Operations Secretariat of AUGP USA and functions as the Global Legal Advisor to its funding partner Vaamaa Forex- US Financial Conglomerate The Pintus Group USA. He supervises the funding and investment negotiations and provides expert advice on legal instruments for individual clients or governments. 


He provides leadership and governance of the board of AUGP-UNUGP founded four decades ago with branches in over 77 countries and deals with their legal, strategy, policy, diplomacy, commercial and infrastructural funding matters in conformity with the United Nations and European Parliament guidelines.  

Speaking on 17th Feb 2020 at Sirasa Jeevithayata Ida Denna–ජීවිතයට ඉඩදෙන්න– program from 7 am LIVE on education reforms and the value of aesthetic education for primary levels. He explained the Multiple Intelligence -MI- concepts of Howard Gardner and 4 stages of Piaget