Attorney-at-Law,  Behavioural Scientist, Educationist, Thought Leader, Strategist and Author of 4 books. Pioneer of E-Consciousness based model of Therapeutic Jurisprudence

Academic Board Member EDU Brussels, an IGO accredited to European Parliament: Chancellor  University For Global Peace-UNUGP; Senior International Governor of AUGP USA and Chairman AUGP USA SL Operations: UNUGP conducts research into Peace and Conflict Studies, Constitutional Law, International Law & Therapeutic Jurisprudence, emerging technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) cryptocurrency and cybersecurity. He is a Professor Amity College USA and Postdoctoral Fellow- Therapeutic Jurisprudence.

He is the Chairman Medicina Alternativa and was a  Professor and Consultant Psychologist MA Colombo South Government General University Teaching Hospital from 1993 to 2005:

Chairman Spinnaker International which has its school in Portsmouth UK accredited by the British Council, and works with a large number of universities including Cambridge and Oxford. It is into education, IT, Blockchain, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. He is also the Secretary-General of the Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals that commenced in 2009 in Greece.


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