“When we have overcome the toxic inner impulses and transcended the sphere of relative interactions, we have freed ourselves from the subtle traps laid by the mind. Then, we have really fallen on top of our own minds, thus paving the way for optimal living.” Prof. Lakshman

Prof. Lakshman is an Attorney-at-Law, Behavioural Scientist, Educationist, Thought Leader, Strategist and Author of 4 books. Pioneer of E-Consciousness based model of transformation and Master Memory programme. Founder International Institute of Theological Studies Arabian Gulf (1990).

Lakshman has gained wide experience both locally and internationally while working with people of all nationalities in major institutions such as Alfuttaim, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company-ADNOC, and Standard Chartered Bank. Currently, he functions as an Academic Board Member EDU Brussels, an IGO accredited to European Parliament: Chancellor University For Global Peace-UNUGP USA; Senior International Governor of AUGP USA and Chairman AUGP USA SL Operations. UNUGP conducts research into Peace and Conflict Studies, Constitutional Law, International Law & Therapeutic Jurisprudence, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). He is a Professor Amity College USA; Postdoctoral Fellow-Psychology in Religion ( based on the research covering Eucharistic Consciousness and Buddhism,) and as an International Faculty Member, has trained a large number of leaders at the Haggai campuses in both USA and Singapore. He is also the International Governor of European Digital University dealing primarily with Blockchain, and A Council Member of the Center For Peace Studies-CPS Sri Lanka.

He functioned as a Professor and Consultant Psychologist MA Colombo South Government General University Teaching Hospital from 1993 to 2005 and became its Chairman in 2015. Medicina-OIUCM is an accredited overseas center of Azteca University Mexico. He has been trained in Ayurveda and bioenergetic healing under Pandit Vamadewa Shastri, Dr.David Frawley of the American Institute of Vedic Studies, USA.

Prof.Lakshman is a Special Advisor On Sky Global USA which is a leading and eminent education service provider based in the United States of America and comprises a rich portfolio of professional certification courses across Technology, Business, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Finance, Language and Heath & Wellness. He promotes educational programmes developed by National Maths and Science College, UK and works on university placement services with Educational Brokers, EU.

Speaking on 17th Feb 2020 at Sirasa Jeevithayata Ida Denna–ජීවිතයට ඉඩදෙන්න– program from 7 am LIVE on education reforms and the value of aesthetic education for primary levels. I explained the Multiple Intelligence -MI- concepts of Howard Gardner and 4 stages of Piaget


He has published many research papers and theses including ” Neuro-Physiological Correlates of Altered States of Consciousness”, and is the Author of “Organizational Behaviour”, Joint author of “ Clinical Psychology”, A Handbook of Job Evaluation, Multivariate Analysis for Business Managers, Foundations of Christian faith and a set on “World Religions covering Buddhism and Christianity”. In 2007, he wrote a review of Pope Benedict’s encyclical  ” Spe Salvi Facti Sumus” which appeared in the Asian Tribune.


He is a Member of : Royal Association of Royals and Nobles: British Scholars Association:  Cambridge University Alumni Society of Cambridge University, England, and its former Treasurer in Sri Lanka: Fellow Cambridge International Academics, UK, Fellow The British Council of Complementary Therapies, UK.

Alumni Association of the University of Brighton, California Grad School of Theology, Haggai Institute, Japan International Cooperation Agency-JICA, International Bar Association, World Jurists Association, USA: International Council of Psychologists, USA, Institute of Counselling, Glasgow.

Charter Member of the American Association of Christian Counsellors-AACC, USA:  BASL- The Bar Association of Sri Lanka: Colombo Law Society: Organization of Professional Associations-OPA: Chartered Fellow of CIPD-London-1995. Fellow Lifeboat Foundation and  American Institute of Vedic Studies.

He is a past pupil of the prestigious S Thomas’ College Mt Lavinia.

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He is married to Charmaine Eheliyagoda