Attorney-at-Law,  Behavioural Scientist, Educationist, Thought Leader, Peace Ambassador & Strategist, Pioneer of e-Consciousness, Author of books including Clinical Psychology, Fundamentals of Theology, Organisational Behavior, Buddhism & Christianity.

I am fascinated by neuro-linguistics, a theory of nothingness, emotion and the brain, eudaimonia, humans, animals, sounds, nature, waterfalls, poetry,  and roses. So often I get carried away with Wordsworth and wander lonely as a cloud and dance with the daffodils. This is real life to be lived to the fullest!!

My Vision: Empowering people to maximize their potential, lead optimal lives and get a chance to smell the roses.

Academic Board Member EDU Brussels: Chancellor  University For Global Peace; Senior International Governor of AUGP USA and Chairman AUGP USA SL Operations. Chairman Illustrious Personalities of Sri Lanka. Chancellor Hebron Eco University, Norton Bridge, Sri Lanka.

International President/ Chairman Medicina Alternativa Alma Ata 1962. Knight Commander and Grand Chancellor Knights of Charity Order St John of Jerusalem K ST J : Council Member, Director and Faculty Centre For Peace Studies SL.  Professor and Consultant Psychologist MA Colombo South Government General University Teaching Hospital from 1993 to 2005.

I believe that the repository of Organizational Knowledge is not in databases or intranets but in human consciousness together which forms the “Mind of the Organization“, which has a unique identity distinct from the individual minds that form it. My quest is to look beyond blockchain technology and find a medium that connects individual consciousness replicating experiences so others could tap them as if from a  large stream of never-ending consciousness, which ultimately becomes the fabric of immortality.

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