Big Bang, Plasma and Block Universe

In 2017, I was grateful for the opportunity I received to lecture on “Science of God” in which I mentioned the first microsecond of the big bang (0.000001) which modern researchers believe contained plasma, the fourth state of matter.

In 2021, researchers said they used the Large Hadron Collider to investigate this plasma which was the first matter ever to be present in our universe. And, they said, it had liquid-like properties.

Medicina Alternativa which I am heading globally, had its founder Chairman Dr.Inyushin of Alma Ata Kazakhstan postulating that the Bioplasma field which is the 5th state of matter is that which organizes and orchestrates Neurology. Physiology and biochemistry of organisms.

Even today, I am more than ever fascinated by the General Theory of Relativity, Dark matter and the Block Universe theory which is a subject that takes a considerable amount of my time these days.

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