Current Research
  • Ancient Sri Lankan art, history, language (Maghadi, Pali, Sanskrit and Prakrit scripts) & culture and historical  Ravana.
  • Happiness, risk-taking, neuro-economics and ways to identify different neural correlates for early versus delayed rewards and closely follow the work of David Harvey, Nouriel Roubini & Joseph  Stiglitz.
  • Assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders. Work on psychopathology emphasizing the information processing models that described the role of attention and the impact of the cognitive processes on interpersonal functioning.
  • Research on psychotherapy outcome including the mechanisms underlying cognitive-behavioural treatment for anxiety disorders, and adapting protocols developed for research to non-research clinical settings. BTNRC research centre.
Research Theses available in  print:
  1. Neuro-Physiological Correlates of Altered States of Consciousness.
  2. Sin Vs Suffering- a comparison of Buddhagosha’s Vissudhimaga with Karl Bath’s Dogmatics.
  3. Does an Authentic Personal Brand emerge from an Enlivened Consciousness resulting in Enhanced Social Capital?