Professor Vidanage P Karunaratne PhD 

Senior Consultant & Head, Faculty of Management Studies at Java Institute for Advanced Technology

Prof. Lakshman Madurasinghe, I have gathered during my association with him, is an erudite and versatile scholar who is ably conversant with many disciplines including my own sphere of specialization, Management. I must boldly state that I have personally benefited by his vast knowledge in numerous spheres.

guy ale

Dr. Guy Joseph Ale, DBA

Corporate Wellness Coach | Health & Longevity Expert | President, Lifespan Seminar | VP, Asia Pacific Association of Psychology

Professor Lakshman Madurasinghe is a true leader. Beyond his extensive accomplishments as a scholar, author, and executive, I have seen him interact in various situations with a wide array of persons, those who had known him, and those who met him for the first time. In every one of these encounters, he displayed his trademark intelligence, grace, and that intangible quality of bringing the best out of each individual. Prof. Madurasinghe is a source of light in the world.


Dr.Thomas Gujarat LL.M (Cantab).,MSc., PhD -Michigan

Professor Emeritus at the University of Cambridge ( email: d.thomas.92@cantab.net)

Prof.Lakshman Madurasinghe who had completed his MSc in Clinical Psychology with Brighton University conducted his doctoral research on “Neuro-Physiological Correlates of Altered States of Consciousness” under my supervision. I am aware of the assignment he had with Govt. University Teaching Hospital treating patients using Cognitive Behavior Therapy to treat hundreds of clients. In his later research, I observed that he had many creative and unique solutions to the issues that were being addressed in Jurisprudence from a therapeutic angle. I first met him in Easter Term 1985 while he was following his degree when he attended the International Law and Industrial Management programme at the University of Cambridge and submitted a thesis entitled ” The Act of State Doctrine in Anglo-American Courts”.

Prof.Lakshman’s subsequent post-doctoral research on Therapeutic jurisprudence focused on the role of the law as a therapeutic agent. He focused on the law’s impact on emotional life and on psychological well-being drawing attention on this previously underappreciated aspect, humanizing the law and concerning itself with the human, emotional, psychological side of law and the legal process. He was able to look carefully at promising literature from psychology, psychiatry, clinical behavioral sciences, criminology and social work to see whether those insights can be incorporated or brought into the legal system. His background in Law, Psychology, and Theology helped him immensely in this undertaking.


Dr.Kamal El Banna MSc., PhD

 Professor at American University in Cairo

Prof.Madurasinghe worked under me for four years as Compensation Specialist and was trained by HAY Consultants of UK both in UAE and UK. During this time the HR Director was Mr.Brian McEvoy. Lakshman made an enormous contribution to Job evaluation and Compensation during this time. He was an accomplished writer and statistician using advanced statistical tests, such as Principal Component Analysis and Multiple Regression. He also carried out Non-parametric tests on a psychometric model developed by me for a doctoral thesis.


Andreas Stavropoulos, Greece

General Director of Education at Global Perceptiveness

Prof Lakshman Madurasinghe is an extraordinary visionary person who has the ability to make his vision an everyday reality.

Prof.Tony Nader MD., PhD

President Maharishi University and renowned Neuroscientist

 Live interview which was telecast via satellite worldwide in 2000 March:

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david bartram

Prof.David Bartram  PhD

Professor of Psychology University of Hull

I have been closely associated with Prof.Lakshman Madurasinghe’s research work when he was pursuing a Masters degree in Psychology with the University of Brighton. I found his diagnostic approach and clinical insights very illuminating given the fact he was closely associated with The Maharishi University, USA in its radical approach to Consciousness.

I met Prof.Lakshman Madurasinghe again in 1992 when I was The Head of Department of Psychology at the University of Hull, UK when he was at the University of Manchester following certification on Psychometric testing during which time Prof. Cattell himself was present.

I clearly recall that he was working on Factors impacting on the design, development, and use of an effective pre-employment integrity test. His research interests were in tests and testing, and productive and counterproductive behavior in the workplace. He had also written a number of papers and had presented at international conferences on these areas.

He was also involved in the development of a personality-based measure of employee compliance (essentially an integrity test. Later in 1995, he visited UK again for further certification on Psychometrics by SHL in which I was a consultant. He shared many insights regarding testing and its introduction to the Sri Lankan market.

hubert rampersad

Prof. Hubert Rampersad MSc Delft University., PhD  Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Chairman Technological University of the Americas.

Prof.Lakshman has gained valuable experience in many prestigious Organizations in Sri Lanka and overseas including Standard Chartered Bank, Alfuttaim and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company with extensive specialized management experience in Strategic planning and Organizational behaviour. He is also a well known International Trainer with considerable experience and highly developed speaking skills.

He is the author of “Organizational Behaviour”, and the joint author of “ Clinical Psychology” and a 12-volume set on “World Religions. The first two covering Buddhism and Christianity were released in November 2004. His DBA thesis was carried out under my supervision.

During the World Congress on ICT for Sustainable Development held in Colombo in November 2010, I was a keynote Speaker and had first-hand experience of his skill and expertise in handling diverse responsibilities including the coordination of the entire foreign delegates and the academic convocation at a high standard.

He is presently a full Professor and International Governor at TUA USA.

He was also actively invloed with the Cambridge University Society in Sri Lanka for many years.