Therapeutic Jurisprudence (TJ) with its focus on creating an inclusive, participatory and respectful legal environment, can transform courtrooms. Its emphasis on the individual and how legal rules and procedures may affect respondents’ well-being is tailormade for countering group stereotypes.

One such therapeutic intervention I propose is e-Consciousness based method of inner development to help maximize true potential….

David Wexler, one of the forefathers of therapeutic jurisprudence, first began writing about Therapeutic Justice in He later termed it, with his article, Therapeutic Justice and later termed the phrase therapeutic jurisprudence In 1987, in a paper delivered to the National Institute of Mental Health. Glenn Took Therapeutic Drug Courts in Practice Therapeutic Jurisprudence concentrates on the law’s impact on emotional life and psychological well-being. It is a perspective that regards the law (rules of law, legal procedures, and roles of legal actors) itself as a social force that often produces therapeutic or anti-therapeutic consequences. It does not suggest that therapeutic concerns are more important than other consequences or factors, but it does suggest that the law’s role as a potential therapeutic agent should be recognized and systematically studied. Wexler.

My research has pointed in a direction that without a radical transformation of the inner core which needs definite access to inner self, no lasting result would be achieved by simply carrying on mechanical movements plus void ego trips to a domain of nothingness.

Therefore, even though we possess all good spiritual teachings and meditations  of thousands of years in antiquity the head knowledge or the cognitive preoccupation alone has not made any radical alteration of the real person. This is well evidenced by the decline in moral values and the increase in drug addiction, crime, immorality  and suicide worldwide.

In my research I discovered  that there are nine major inherent negative thought patterns that fire this flame of bondage which can be seen against the backdrop of a three way state of emotion  vs  an eight point yardstick against which a thought is subsequently analyzed. I also found that the mere identity of the negative pattern would not suffice since it would only leave a void that needs to be replaced with nine positives. All this would also need the support of relaxation sessions where the nervous system is more receptive to new inputs.

This whole transformational process I introduced to the world in 2002 as e- consciousness.

 The latest research on unified field theory in quantum physics supported by the Mathematical analysis using Lagrangian has  provided startling new evidence on the intelligent characteristics of this field. Further research done on molecular Biology and Neuro- physics has identified that certain structures of Rk veda  which can be shown to correspond one-to one with human physiology . These structures also display a symmetry of  9 Richas, 3 padas and 8 Aksharas which is seen in human physiology  in gaps between neurons and in every step of a thought process.

From a spiritual perspective all proposals are in accord with the Buddhist  Eight fold path, Five precepts, Five nivaranas, Ten dasa paramis etc. from a Christian perspective it accords well with the Eight fold steps in the Lord’s prayer, qualities of love and fleshly traits to eliminate, Eightfold purity of thought both from the Old and the New testament teachings. These were all noticed after my initial findings and scientific settings which were made purely independently.

I find that the areas practiced over a thirty day ransformational process  will add much insight into a number of  useful areas  of life which might be seen as e-Consciousness related to Business, Medicine & Health, Law & Justice, Human Rights, Culture of peace, All  Religions, Counselling & Psychology, Environment and Community, Leisure and relaxation , family, Spiritual life etc. In short the transformational process will touch major areas of life .

With extensive inquiry into thoughts and emotions and behavioural and scientific techniques to neutralize the negative thought patterns coupled with daily quiet time and regular Deep relaxation it is bound to expose those who practise to the bonds that grip them and the usefulness in releasing that hold.

The system proposed is purely non-religious and non- sectarian. Therefore, those in different spiritual backgrounds and faiths  would find the system in harmony with their own teachings without any need for a conflict with other teachings or a change in their own faiths .In  helping them through exposure techniques and calming down  of the nervous systems they will discover their true potential and learn to lead stress- free productive , non-confrontational lives to transform them and turn this world to a better place to live in.

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