Counselling Lecture in Dubai- Loneliness Has an Antidote and You’ll Never Guess What It Is

As a qualified Counsellor, I have counselled hundreds of clients to understand and help them lead better lives. When time permits, I love to travel and teach others to become Counsellors.

Here is what someone had to say……

I’m somebody who’s struggled with feelings of loneliness my whole life. It’s a big part of why I decided to become a relationship coach. I wanted to understand why some of my relationships felt more substantial than others. I wanted to understand why sometimes I relished being alone, yet other times being alone evoked feelings of profound sadness.

The question I wanted to answer was this: What makes some relationships feel better than others? It was a mystery I was determined to solve.

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  • Introduction to Psychology and Counselling
    • Imago Dei- the Psychophysiological framework of human development
    • Biblical perspectives of Counselling
    • Psychology and Secular models of Counselling
  • Ethical framework in Counseling
  • Mental health and Psychopathology- DSM IV and ICD 10
  • Advanced Counselling skills
  • Neuropsychological fundamentals for Counsellors
  • Church Leadership and Industrial Psychology


  • Crisis and Grief Counselling
  • Pre-Marital and Marital Counselling
  • Ministering to the depressed $ sick person
  • Nutrition and Clinical Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology & Criminology ( Prison Counselling)
  • Spiritual oppression and prayer ministry

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