International Institute of Theological Studies- Founded in 1990

Click to enter website International prayer and Fellowship Association of USA was formed by Dr.Victor Rosado in 1990 and coinciding with that Prof.Lakshman Madurasinghe established the International Institute of Theological Studies- IITS- USA as an Institute for teaching basic Theology, practical Christianity and Counselling principles to those engaged in ministry and to a wider audience […]

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Some Featured Publications

​ Sin Vs Suffering comparing Karl Bath’s Dogmatics with Vissudhimaga A usual observation is that comparison is the fundamental way to gain understanding of anything. Succinctly, all knowledge is comparative. This dissertation illustrates, in an intentional and explicit way, this observation with the claim that comparative inquiry evinces insights and truths that non-comparative inquiry does […]

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E-Consciousness a higher state of Consciousness!!

E-Consciousness a higher state of Consciousness…IQ,EQ,PQ,SQ….and more !! My own research has revealed that until and unless the inner core of a person is radically transformed, training undertaken at the outer superficial sensory  level  will not be sufficient enough to penetrate deep down and  make an inner transformation at the “Core” or at an  integral […]

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Researchers Publish New Findings From Mind Controlled Robot Arm Project

Using mind control, woman with quadriplegia moves robot arm and hand in ’10D’. In another demonstration that brain-computer interface technology has the potential to improve the function and quality of life of those unable to use their own arms, a woman with quadriplegia shaped the almost human hand of a robot arm with just her […]

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In Experimental Psychology, emotions and economic behaviour are being investigated in the context of gambling tasks, using lesion studies to identify links between pre-frontal cortical lesion damage and decision-making impairments. This research is being complemented by fMRI studies of temporal discounting and impulsivity, identifying different neural correlates for early versus delayed rewards. Researchers in Physiology, […]

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Kofi Annan calls for the tackling of depression to be made a global priority

The former UN secretary general, Kofi Annan has called for the tackling of depression to be made a global priority, with mental health incorporated into a new UN Millennium Development Goal after the deadline for achieving the current goals passes in 2015. “The failure to tackle depression undermines the fundamental human rights of millions and […]

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