LECTURES, WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS: Human Rights, Quantum Physics including Unified field theory and its parallels in Veda, Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Consciousness and Counselling Psychology, Systematic Theology, Apologetics, Comparative Religions, Christianity & Science including big bang, Fibonacci and modern man, Integrative Medicines, Developing memory, Creativity & Problem solving, Emotional Intelligence, Transformational Leadership, Stress.
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Psychometric tests and use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help clients overcome their difficulties and lead normal lives. Organisational restructuring, Job Evaluation using Factor models, Market surveys and Multivariate techniques with advanced statistics to analyze data. Policy and strategy manuals and pay structures, incentive schemes, negotiations with employees and unions to solve pressing issues. Supervision of doctoral and post-doctoral students for their research projects. Legal contracts, funding strategies, mergers and acquisitions.
INTERNATIONAL ROLE: Legal, strategy, diplomacy, commercial and funding issues of International  Institutions connected with the United Nations and European Parliament. Dealing with accrediting bodies with regard to accreditation criteria and compliance matters of tertiary education  Institutes worldwide.

Corporate Strategy and Policy
Corporate Communications
Cyber Security & Encryption
Job Evaluation-Factor Method
Compensation Strategy & Surveys
Advanced Statistical applications
Development of Training Materials
Public Speaking and Lecturing
Research Analysis &  Presentation
CB Therapy Based Counselling

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