Medicina is Legally incorporated in Sri Lanka with the approval of BOI- N (PVS) 44736.
The only organization duly registered as a Continental European organization.
Established by the Moscow Charter of 10 August 1975 amended on 10 January 2000, also incorporated in USA as a 501 (C) 3 and registered with the United Nations.
Original Chaters duly executed are placed with the headquarter in Sri Lanka.
Medicina Legal Trust to govern operations is legally registered in Sri Lanka.
Recognised by the Former President J R Jayawardene of Sri Lanka who was its Patron
Medicina-OIUCM is a Branch Campus of UGC-recognized Azteca University, Mexico, North America.
Affiliated with several UGC-recognized Universities
Approved by Edu.Int in Brussels an IGO formed by treaty and accredited to European Parliament
Medicina–OIUCM operated ward 5 of Government University Teaching Hospital in Colombo South
Affiliated with Deha Dhamma Centre Sri Lanka incorporated by Act of Parliament 25 of 1992
Operated by qualified, state-licensed doctors in both Ayurveda and Western Medicine

Registered with the Private Health Services Regulatory Council, Ministry of Health
Registered with the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) of Sri Lanka