At a lecture in Dubai on Advanced Pastoral Psychology and Counselling -May 2015

Prof.Lakshman addressing the inaugural lecture on 30th May 2015



Prof. Madurasinghe is a past pupil of S.Thomas’ College Mt Lavinia, an Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court (1976)  and a  Transpersonal Psychologist with extensive training and experience both in Sri Lanka and overseas in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Christian Counselling, Corporate Strategy & Policy and Organization Development. He is the pioneer of e-consciousness method of transformation and its associated brain application.

  • Head Faculty of Creative Studies : Vice President Strategy, Neuroscience Research Centre (BTNRC) , Sri Lanka: Sec General CCJP, Greece ( since 2009)   Neuroscience Research Centre, BTNRC .
  • Head International Institute of Theological Studies (IITS) ( since 1990) :Director of Studies, Firm Foundation Ministries USA.
  • Member of the Senate : Director of Studies Middle East, ME South Asia Graduate School of Theology (since May 2015) –MESA-GST
  • Vice President Legal & Strategy, Academic Consortium, Florida, USA (since 2010)  ACA, Florida, USA.
  • Vice President Asia Pacific Association of Psychology-APAP (since  2013).
  • Advisory Board Member Lifeboat Foundation, USA dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies including genetic engineering and nanotechnology.
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