The Secretariat headed by Prof. Lakshman Madurasinghe handles the following Institutions, their functions and matters associated with Doctors, Professors, Researchers, Editors and Staff. The chairman is the primary contact point for all Foreign Universities and is responsible for all International communications, charters, negotiations and diplomatic relations with UN, European Union and Legal entities.

Chairman’s Profile; _____ Career; _____ Seminars; _______ Publications and Research


  1. Medicina Alternativa ( BOI approved and registered with the UN ) – Founded in 1962 with branches in over 80 countries- Trustees, Knights assigned to Chairman’s office and Staff
  2. Anton Jayasuriya Teaching Hospital- Doctors and StaffOver 2 million patients; 135,000 Global Practitioners
  3. Ecumenical, Medical, Humanitarian Order Knights of St John of Jerusalem Founded in 1048 AD- All Knights and Members of Chanceryover 10,000 Knights in all Continents
  4. Global Consortium of Science and Technology – Partnership of over 15 Global Institutions- Council Members and Staff

The Chairman Heads the International Legal Secretariat of the Academy of Universal Global Peace USA AUGP a 40-year-old 501 (C) 3 IGO, and also the Global Legal Department of Vaamaa Forex of the Pintus Group USA with its financial office at the Federal Reserve, Washington D.C., USA.

He is the Sri Lankan Academic Board Member Edu.Int Brussels, accredited to the European Parliament and a Professor of Law (Therapeutic Jurisprudence at GUST University, USA).

He is the Founder-President of Young Scientists University USA ( USA and Greece) founded in 2010 and Secretary General Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals Greece founded in 2009, dealing with AI, IoT and developing Software Engineers.

Professor who founded the International Institute of Theology in the Arabian Gulf in 1990, is a scholar of Comparative Religions and has trained global leaders as an International Faculty Member of Haggai USA. He serves as a professor of the Faculty of Spiritual Studies at Amity USA. He also functions as the Judicial Vicar of the Global Apostolic Diocese with over 20,000 affiliated churches globally covering a membership of approximately 5 million. Judicial Vicar’s Blog

Legal Authority