5 Ways to Quiet the Negative Voices in Your Head

“There’s a brilliant, beautiful, priceless piece of art hanging right in front of you. It’s sophisticated and meticulously detailed—a painstaking labor of passion and deep devotion. The colors, patterns and textures are like no other—they soar and dip, they shine bright and leap right off the canvas at you. And yet, you choose to fixate your eyes on the tiny, dark housefly that has landed on the edge this masterpiece. Why would you choose to do such a thing?”

She cracked a half smile in my direction and then shifted her gaze down to the ground.

“Look,” I said, “the point here is that there’s no possible way to be 100% certain about anything in this world. Life, like great art, is sophisticated, complex and unpredictable. So you’re left with a choice: either appreciate it and look for the beauty it holds, or focus on the worst and dwell on it.”

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