Sara Hacala has written a pathbreaking book that presents 52 ideas and practices to spur us on to a revival of a more civil society. Here is an excerpt on nurturing civility on the Internet.

“The Internet, which has become a nearly indispensable global communications tool in only a few short years, has afforded many positive benefits, far outweighing its drawbacks. Whatever your personal view, it is fair to say that the Internet, in all its forms, has altered the way that most of us communicate interpersonally.

“In July 2010, the Pew Research Center issued a report, ‘The Internet and the Future of Social Relations,’ based on 895 respondents, 371 of whom were technology experts. Asked to project, in 2020, whether the Internet will have produced a mostly positive or negative effect on the larger picture of their social relationships, 85 percent foresaw the Internet as a positive influence.

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