The infinitely complex field (or ocean) of information that surrounds us—the higher-dimensional unified field of consciousness—interacts with us in myriad ways. First we see the normal consequences of our actions—A causes B causes C. In addition, similarly vibrating fields of meaning within the ocean bring helpful and even curative synchronicities into our lives. How can we connect with it all?

Our glowing etheric body provides a clue. We are more than our physical bodies. Interpenetrating our physical form are energetic aspects of ourselves that extend far beyond the etheric level—according to many teachings, they include the astral body, the mental body, and the causal body. These energy bodies may literally provide us with a way to link up and interact with the higher-dimensional consciousness field—by tapping into the mechanism of similar vibrations. That is what the wisdom teachings of many recent teachers are all about—being in the “same vibration” as one’s goals.15

What is the trigger that can activate the awareness and power of our true higher-dimensional selves? The gateway, according to most of humanity’s wisdom traditions, is the now. Remember: as our fish rested in the stillness and quiet of the ocean in a state of present and loving awareness, it was suddenly propelled into a greater and expanded oceanic world. So can it be for us. By developing what I call active consciousness—a deep form of awareness that not only passively receives information from the greater consciousness field but also acts, interacts, creates, and manifests within it—humanity may finally fulfill its greatest potential.

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