Ok, so I wasn’t actually levitating. I was probably doing something more like procrastinating or ruminating, something much less fabulous than levitating. I was probably wishing that I was levitating, or at the very least, looking like I was levitating. But I wasn’t. And I’m not. The cat’s out of the bag.

Do you ever wish you could rise above it all? And then stay there, hovering, with a big grin on your face? I admit, it all sounds a little ridiculous, but I know I’m not the only one who has been looking for the golden ticket that allows us to rise above. I also admit that I haven’t found it. Well, not the sort of golden ticket I’ve been looking for anyway.

I think the closest thing to finding the golden ticket can happen when we stop trying to find it. I don’t mean to give up on life, or to become a couch potato. I mean that striving for "operation levitation" can confuse us into thinking that we are supposed to get somewhere, that we are supposed to rise above it all. And this can rob us of the present moment.

What’s so great about the present moment and how on earth is that the golden ticket? I’m glad you asked.

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