Even though humans are preoccupied with the development of the mind, the key to unleashing true potential lies in awakening the heart which is central to all living. With a shift from head to heart, it would weaken the hold of " Ego" and have a puissant impact on the person to Live, Love , Learn and Laugh, which is the beginning of enlightened living.

There is a tremendous potential lying within each of us to be realized. Once realized and engaged, we will be able to live life to the fullest with peace, joy and sound mental and physical health.  

To be an effective individual, Competence, alone will not suffice. It should be coupled with an ongoing Commitment to God, exemplary Character and an enlivened “Inner Consciousness . 

The fundamental problem is with our negative thinking and inner "ego impulses" that yield negative poor results which continually drain our energy. 

By allowing the thinking habits to be free from traps laid by the ego for its own fulfillment, and bringing them into heart's focus and captivity we will attract positive energy that correct the outcome and give a greater benefit to all.  

Negative traits, such as pride, hatred, deceit, anger etc. which are within us cause stress and irritability on our nervous systems that cause mental and physical dis-ease. These must be eliminated in order to have a fully productive, participatory role in life. 

When we have overcome the inner impulses and transcended the sphere of relative interactions, we have freed ourselves from the traps of the mind. Then we have really fallen on top of our own minds. 

Negative traits must be replaced with positive units of love ,concern and care for others which will only blossom through our deep inner awareness and openness to reality. This would give peace to us and to others around us. 

All forms of life is precious. Therefore, every effort needs to be taken to protect human, animal, plant life and their rights, and the civil government established in our countries.  

Even though knowledge could be acquired from diverse sources, our full development of comes gradually with the blossoming of wisdom as we live closest to God, regular meditating on higher things, coupled with unhurried, focused, tolerant and humble behaviour. 



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