Human Rights Watch Weekly Digest

        May 9th – 16th, 2008
© 2008 HRW Report Cover
Historic Decision Confers Equal Right to Marriage to Same-Sex Couples
(New York, May 15, 2008) – The California Supreme Court’s ruling today striking down state law that limits marriage to opposite-sex couples is a victory for equality that should set a national and international example, Human Rights Watch said today.


States Should Resist Weakening Treaty in Any Way
(Dublin, May 16, 2008) – The more than 100 countries that will gather in Dublin, Ireland on May 19 to negotiate a new international treaty aimed at banning cluster munitions should reject attempts to weaken the treaty, Human Rights Watch said today. Participating countries are scheduled to adopt the final text of the treaty on May 30.


Two Years After UN Ruling, No Action on Former Chad Dictator
(Geneva, May 16, 2008) – Two years after a United Nations committee requested that Senegal prosecute or extradite the former dictator of Chad, Hissène Habré, no action has been taken, six human rights organizations said today. Habré fled to Senegal after he was deposed in 1990.


© 2008 HRW Report Cover
Overseas Integration Test Infringes on Rights of Migrants
(The Hague, May 15, 2008) – The Netherlands should abolish the overseas “integration test” that discriminatorily targets only migrants of certain nationalities trying to join their families, while citizens from other, “western” countries are exempt, Human Rights Watch said in a briefing paper released today.


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