Initium Sapientiae Timor Domini

Prof. Dr Lakshman Madurasinghe is a Lawyer,  Behavioural Scientist, Educationist, Strategist and Author of four books including Clinical Psychology, Buddhism & Christianity, and the pioneer of e-Consciousness model of transformation, with postdoctoral qualifications in Behavioural Sciences and Theology (Anglo-Catholic; Contemporary) to his credit. His vision is to empower people to maximize their potential and lead optimal lives. Recently during his visit to Indonesia, he was inducted His Highness Raja Ke Shuraveer Rajasree of Patani Sultanate Indonesia by HRH Prince who is Duke and head of the Royal Family of the Principality of Chandrarupa Patani. Prof.Lakshman  is a Member of the Royal Association and an Ambassador at Large in URGC.

Complementary Medicines and Knights St John of Jerusalem

He is a Knight Commander and the Grand Chancellor of the Ecumenical Medical Humanitarian Sovereign Order Knights of St John of Jerusalem K St J originating in 1090 AD at Jerusalem and International President Medicina Alternativa, Alma Ata 1962, formed by the World Health Organisation and recognised 0n 15th  Aug 1988 by the UN University For Peace ( Universite Pour La Paix), which has affiliated institutions in over 100 countries with an alumni network of over 150,000. Medicina Alternativa International is registered with United Nations DESA and incoporated in USA. He is the Chairman of the Ceylon Holistic Centre-CHC in Colombo formed to bring preventative and restorative lifelong health solutions to the whole consumer. CHC  believes in providing essentials for a healthy body, both on the inside and the outside, using natural methods that are chemical-free and allow the consumers to take responsibility for their health. Prof.Lakshman is the Chancellor of Hebron Eco University with a residential campus at Norton Bridge.

He is an International Faculty Member and the first Asian Watson Scholar of Haggai Institute of Advanced Leadership, USA, which has an alumni network of over 100,000 to date.

Academic Assignments

Prof.  Lakshman Madurasinghe is a full Professor and International Governor at Technological University of the Americas for dual degree track with The University of America, CA, USA, and the Sri Lanka Academic Board Member of EDU Intergovernmental Organization in Brussels accredited to the European Parliament. He is the Patron Action Valley Campus, Adjunct Faculty, Advisor and Sri Lanka Country Head  Keisie International University South Korea. He is a Thematic Moderator SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia, SL President of CIAC and a Postdoctoral Fellow of IMA India. He is a Senior Scholar ( Corresponding Member) of a European Learned Society: The Balearic Institute of History IBH in Spain.

Consciousness, Cosmology, Neuroscience…

His vast spectrum of international teaching experience covers Human Rights, Cyber crimes, Encryption technology, Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Consciousness and Counselling Psychology, Systematic Theology, Apologetics, Comparative Religions, Eschatology, Christianity & Science.  He is the Founder Director of the Brain Technology and Neuroscience Research Centre- BTNRC set up to conduct scientific research, studies, and investigations in the fields of Brain Technology, Neuroscience, Psychology. Parapsychology, Sociology, and Human & Life Sciences. He is also a founder Director and President of Young Scientists University, USA .

His explorations of the frontiers of consciousness and quantum cosmology brought him into contact with a vast number of renowned scientists and researchers including the Maharishi at Maharishi European Research University-MERU in Vlodrop and Rishikesh, Tony Nader, John Hagelin, Ron Wyatt, Diane Hawkey and many other renowned scientists. He had his training in Ayurveda and Bioenergetics under Dr. David Frawley  Pandit Vamadeva Shastri of the American Institute of Vedic Studies, USA.

He has a deep interest in ancient Sri Lankan Culture, Language & Literature, History, Mahawamsa, Ravana and participated as a research team member in the Beli Lena archaeological project Homo Sapiens Balangodensis. A lecture given in 2011 may be accessed here.

Human Rights, Cyber Crimes  and World Peace

He is the  Chairman Board of Trustees SUNFO . SUNFO is a non-political, non-racial and non-sectarian organization that seeks to unite all people into a movement working for the well-being, harmony and peace of mankind according to the principles of the United Nations. He is also the Director General of the Board of Governors of World Peace & Diplomacy Organisation- WPDO.  WPDO’s vision is to become pioneers in creating a better world by empowering peacemakers, diplomats, and volunteers globally. He works closely with His Eminence Dr.Madhu Krishan and is the International Governor Asia in the Academy of Universal Global Peace-AUGP USA. AUGP which has members in over 77 countries is deeply involved in effective Quality Education with Social Services for Social Global Causes & Emerging Global Issues, educating the global civil society, rendering selfless services to all Global Citizens irrespective of Creed, Color, Religion, Culture.

He is the Co Chancellor General for South Asia and High Commissioner for Human Rights and Diplomacy, International Board of Directors.

Faculty and Corporate Assignments

He was trained in HAY and MEIRC Factor-based Job Evaluation and Compensation and held several senior corporate positions in prestigious institutions including Standard Chartered Bank, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Alfuttaim. From 1996-2005, he served as the Consultant Psychologist and Professor at MA clinic in Colombo South Government University Teaching Hospital treating well over five thousand clients with CBT. He has been a doctoral supervisor to many students both in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Publications and Research

He has published several research papers and theses including ” Neuro-Physiological Correlates of Altered States of Consciousness”, and is the Author of “Organizational Behaviour”, Joint author of “ Clinical Psychology”, A Handbook of Job Evaluation, Multivariate Analysis for Business Managers, Foundations of Christian faith and a set on “World Religions covering Buddhism and Christianity”. In 2007, he wrote a review of Pope Benedict’s encyclical  ” Spe Salvi Facti Sumus” which appeared in the Asian TribuneFeatured Publications. His curated daily paper could be accessed here.

Professional Affiliations

Royal Association of Royals and Nobles: British Scholars Association: British Psychological Society-Psychometrics:  Cambridge University Society of Cambridge University, England, and its former Treasurer in Sri Lanka: World Jurists Association, USA June 1998: International Council of Psychologists, USA, May 1992: Institute of Counselling, Glasgow- Nov 1991:   A Charter Member of the American Association of Christian Counsellors-AACC, USA:  Life Member, BASL- The Bar Association of Sri Lanka, Colombo Law Society and  Organization of Professional Associations-OPA: Japan International Cooperation Agency-JICA, Japan-1981: Chartered Fellow of CIPD-London-1995 ( first Sri Lankan Chartered Fellow of CIPD until 2006):  Member and Adviser Lifeboat foundation dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks.

He is a past pupil of S.Thomas’ College, Mt Lavinia leaving school after studying bioscience subjects in GCE (Advanced Level).

He is  married to Charmaine Eheliyagoda 

Quotes       Vision        Publications

Interview with Prof.Tony  Nader held in 2000 March at Maharishi European Research University Holland-MERU, located at the forested grounds of the former St. Ludwig College, a Franciscan monastery. The main campus is located in Switzerland. The full interview was telecast via satellite worldwide.

Introduction published by Medicina Alternativa International

Neuroscience Centre in Sri Lanka




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